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ZMTP101B AC Voltage sensor module (single phase)

ZMTP101B AC Voltage sensor module (single phase)

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The ZMPT101B is a voltage transformer used to measure AC voltage. You can measure AC voltages up to 250 volts by using this module. The output of this sensor is analog. if you change input voltage, the output voltage will change as well.


Specifications of ZMPT101B Module:

Operating Voltage: 5V

Maximum Input Voltage: 250V (AC)

Turn Ratio: 1:1

Input Current Range: 2mA – 10mA

Operating temperature : 40ºC ~ + 70ºC

Output Voltage: Varies based on input voltage and current

Breakdown Voltage: Up to 4kV

Accuracy: High precision for voltage measurements

Compatible with Arduino. 



Electrical energy meters

AC Voltage measurement

Household electrical equipment

Industrial apparatuses

Electrical testing equipment


The ZMPT101B module has 4 pins:

VCC: Module power supply: 5 V

GND: Ground

OUT: Module output which is analog.

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