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ZMTP101B Voltage sensor

ZMTP101B Voltage sensor

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  • Metering (electrical energy meters)
  • AC Voltage measurement
  • Sensing Overload Current
  • Ground fault detection
  • Household electrical equipment
  • Industrial apparatuses
  • Electrical testing equipment and relay protection

Features of ZMPT 101B Micro Precision Voltage Transformers

  • low price
  • Small size (49.5mm x 19.4mm) and lightweight
  • Easy PCB mounting
  • Good consistency
  • widely acclaimed

Specifications Discriptions
Rated input current 2mA
Rated output current 2mA
Linear range 0~1000V 0~10mA
Isolation withstand voltage 4000V
Turns Ratio 1000:1000
Measurement accuracy Class 0.2
Linearity 0.1%
Rated Burdon <=200Ohm
Operating Frequency 50-50Hz
DC coil Resistance 110 @ 20 deg Cel
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