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YED-M724 4G Modem

YED-M724 4G Modem

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The YED M724 core board is a low-power, ultra-small, high-performance embedded 4G Cat1 core board launched by Yinerda based on the Hezhou Air724 module. The hardware size is fully compatible with our company's YED-M600 for 2G and 4G switching at the lowest cost. The main features are as follows:



1), support 5-12V power supply;
2) The working environment is -35°C~+75°C;
3), 3.3V TTL level serial port, compatible with 5V level, can communicate with 5C MCU serial port;
4), 3.3~5V level module power-off pin, which is convenient for abnormal recovery after power-off and restart;
5), 3.3~5V low power sleep enable pin;
6), support standard firmware AT firmware, support feature phone voice, SMS, TCP, UDP, NTP, HTTP, MQTT, Aliyun IOT, etc.;
7) Support the secondary development plan of Hezhou;
8), support Yinerda DTU transparent transmission firmware;
9) The hardware interface is compatible with Yinerda M series products, which is convenient for quick evaluation and switching;
10), support hardware customization.

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