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Vibration Sensor

Vibration Sensor

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801S Vibration Sensor Module

This Vibration sensor is based on the Hi high precision vibration sensor 801S. The 801S shock and vibration sensor, by itself, changes its resistance when subjected to vibrations. The resistance changes are so extreme that the 801S is like a switch. This gold plated device can withstand 60 million shocks. As with most resistance-varying devices, the 801S is connected in a voltage divider circuit to get a voltage output. It has 2 outputs, includes TTL and analog output, the sensitivity of TTL output can be adjusted by the on-board potentiometer, you can also read the analog output with any ADC to getthe vibration condition.

Technical Specification

  • Size: 20mm 32mm 11mm
  • the main chip: LM393, 801S
  • work voltage: DC 5V
  • with the signal output instructions;
  • with analog and TTL level signal output signal output;
  • the output valid signal is high, the light goes out;
  • sensitivity adjustable (fine tuning);
  • vibration detection range, non-directional;
  • with mounting holes, firmware installation flexible and convenient
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