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USB to UART TTL module CP2102

USB to UART TTL module CP2102

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Technical Data:


  • TXD: CP2102data transmit pin is usually connected to RXD other modules. TLL levelCan notbe directly connected to RS232 level .
  • RXD: CP2102 sData receive pinis usually connected to TXD other modules. TLL levelCan not be directlyconnected to RS232 level .
  • GND: CP2102 ground
  • 5v: Output 5vpower supply ( maximum 500mA)
  • DTR/RST: Burning pro mini , etc. , whenthe board provides reset timing.
  • 3.3v: 3.3v power output
  • with 500mA resettable fuse , short circuit can effectively ensure that theload module or modules for computer damage .
  • Power / TXD / RXD LEDsList All , easier to debug.
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