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MF-52-10k Thermistor

The MF52 thermistor is a small-sized,epoxy-resin coated NTC resistor made from new-type material with new craftsmanship.It is featured with advantages including high precision and quick reaction. The Thermistor is used in general purpose temperature measurement solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial applications. The thermistor element is epoxied into the Stainless Steel probe that is quite sensitive and responds quickly to changes in the temperature. The sensor element used is a 10K Thermistor

Technical Specification

  • High testing precision;
  • Small and quick in reaction;
  • Long and good service;
  • Good interconvertibility and consistency.
  • Drop-like NTC thermistor
  • E:Epoxy-resin coated package S:Silicone coated package
  • R25: 10KΩ
  • Tolerance: F:±1% G:±2% H:±30% J:±5% K:±10%
  • L:B25/50 H:B25/85 T:Special
  • B-value:347:3470 338:3380 we adopted the former three digits
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