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STM32F103C8 board

STM32F103C8 board

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Product Description

1, STM32F103C8 main chip

2, 8 m patch crystals (through the internal PLL chip up to 72 m) ST official standard parameter 

3, LM1117 3.3 V voltage chip, the maximum current 800 ma

4, miniUSB interface all the way, can supply power to the system version reserved USB communication function

5 and reset button

6, the standard JTAG download a mouth, support JLink STLink

7, the BOOT option port

8, IO expansion row needles 20 pin 2 x

9, one of the indicator Light is a

10, function, the basic function is used to validate IO mouth 

11, reserve a serial download interface, convenient and 5 v development board connection, using a serial port can download the program

12, size: 64 mm X 36.4 mm 

13, high-performance epson 32768 hz crystals,64 k ROM, RAM,

14, 20 k TQFP48 encapsulation

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