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Small Reduction Stepper Motor

Small Reduction Stepper Motor

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28BYJ-48 Small Reduction Stepper Motor

This is a great first stepper motor, good for small projects and experimenting with steppers. This uni-polar motor has a built in mounting plate with two mounting holes. There are only 32 step (11.25 degree) per revolution, and inside is a 1/16 reduction gear set. (Actually its 1/16.032 but for most purposes 1/16 is a good enough approximation) What this means is that there are really 32*16.032 steps per revolution = 513 steps! The shaft is flattened so its easy to attach stuff to it with a set-screw. A perfect first stepper motor and works well with the Motor Shield for Arduino.

Technical Specification

  • Unipolar stepper with 0.1" spaced 5-pin cable connector
  • 32 steps per revolution
  • 1/16.025 geared down reduction
  • 5V-12V DC suggested operation
  • Weight: 37 g.
  • Dimensions: 28mm diameter, 20mm tall not including 9mm shaft with 5mm diameter 9" / 23 cm long cable
  • Holding Torque @ 12VDC: 250 gram-forcecm, 25 Nmm/ 3.5 oz-force*in
  • Shaft: 5mm diameter flattened
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