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SIM800C gsm/gprs module

SIM800C gsm/gprs module

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SIM800C is a quad-band GSM / GPRS module for the castle hole package. It is stable performance, small size, cost-effective, can meet the diverse needs of customers.

The SIM800C operates at GSM / GPRS 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz and can be used worldwide for voice, SMS and data transmission, with low power consumption and is suitable for a variety of compact product designs.

Product Features:

  1. Input voltage range 5V-20V DC, power supply range for a variety of power supply applications, it makes students and projects more convenient to use, GPRS module communicates in peak current, low voltage, so the higher the development board supply voltage, The smaller current makes the power supply pressure smaller, the integrated GPRS module to the product, the need to consider the development board of the power circuit, as far as possible making the width of more than 1mm power line, the shorter the better;

  2. module connected to the power automatically after connected to the network, do not need to control the boot button, power directly to start, eliminating the need for trouble starting process, reserved boot pin, you can control the user switch;

  3. TTL module with a level conversion circuit, compatible with a variety of single-chip serial port. Do not need to convert the direct connection;

  4. Audio interface, pin-oriented way to facilitate the test, reverse headphones and microphone interface;

  5. Support TTS \ DTMF function, the text can be broadcast directly through the language and identify each other when the call button to achieve and 10086 voice console function;

  6. Bluetooth, Bluetooth 3.0 protocol, enhanced Bluetooth antenna signal super, support for serial SPP and audio services;

  7. Reserve lithium battery-powered BAT interface, you can use the lithium battery-powered to facilitate the project development, 3.7V lithium battery or 18650 lithium battery;

  8. Reserve IPEX interface, SMA interface, spring antenna interface, can be used for different occasions, different antennas.

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