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RTC module DS1307

RTC module DS1307

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This modules contains a DS1307 RTC and 32K EEPROM(24C32 or AT24C32) on a single PCB. On the other side of the board there is a CR2032 battery holder, with a included 3.5V Lithium Ion Rechargeable LIR2032 battery.

The RTC and EEPROM are both connected to the I2C bus, allowing them both to be accessed via only 2 I2C lines.

The batter is a LIR2032 rechargeable lithium battery. The board includes a charging circuit for charging the battery.

This module has an I2C interface, making it very easy to interface to any Arduino/AVR/PIC or nearly any other Microcontroller board. Most of them have an I2C interface!

There are many resources on the internet describing how to use it with Arduino, AVR, PIC and other embedded platforms.
Battery: LIR2032 
Standard Pin spacing: 2.54mm
Size: 27mm * 28mm * 8.4mm
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