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RF Transceiver Module 2.4GHz

RF Transceiver Module 2.4GHz

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• AS14-TTL module has a center frequency of 2.4GHz wireless communication serial module , transmission distance up to 2000 meters. It has TTL level serial communication interface supports baud rates of 1200-115200 up to seven kinds of baud rates .

• AS14-TTL currently used newer wireless RF chip, high-performance and low- power single-chip composition. Very easy to use, users do not care about complex wireless

Communication configuration, simply connect to the device through the serial port, two modules can replace a traditional serial cable, eliminating the need for cabling, and serial transmission distance than traditional


• AS14-TTL can be set to hopping mode, then provide three basic channel for users to set up, the module will use the remaining channels automatically Hopping, a guarantee

Reliable data transmission.

• Built-efficient watchdog, in extremely harsh industrial environments and stable operation , the module can be guaranteed never crash.

• Built-in wireless communications Our unique algorithm, segmentation and precise time synchronization module is fully equipped to ensure that the data transfer capability, the ability to retransmit the packet loss,

Error correction capability, the algorithm is much better than industry peers.

• Wide supply voltage range, 3.0V-5.2V can be used, can be used for 3.3V or 5V system,  I / O  level are also compatible. 


• Support for transparent transmission mode, support for multiple serial port baud rate, multiple air wireless transmission rate .

• have the SET pin, used to design modules operating parameters.

• have the AUX pin :

(1) can be set to indicate a busy port, and will be leaving 1-2ms time for notice or wake up an external microcontroller, so that the external CPU serial receiver does not have to wait long,

Which can effectively reduce power consumption.

(2) can be set to indicate a busy wireless, can inform the user whether the current data transmission is complete, the user input data in order to avoid excessive buffering result

Overflow, loss of data, to ensure the transmission reliability.


(3) Support hopping mode, the module will automatically switch channels, so as to effectively avoid unexpected interference, greatly improving communication reliability.

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