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RC522 RFID kit

RC522 RFID kit

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The RC522 module works on a 13.56 MHz frequency and it can act as a reader and write for UID/RFID cards. The RFID cards communicate with the module at a short distance with radio frequency due to the mutual induction technique. In most of the security and commercial products, the module is effective because the errors and issues with RFID Tags are detectable by it.

RFID Card Tag 1KB Memory Layout

The RFID card is a memory storage device having 1KB worth of memory. This memory is divided into 16 sectors (0-15) where each sector is further divided into 4 blocks (0,1,2,3). Each block is of 16 bytes. Thus 4 blocks x 16 bytes x 16 sectors = 1024 bytes which is 1KB.


RFID RC522 uses mutual induction to activate the cards and 13.56MHz for data transfer.

The RFID Cards are useable from both sides of the module at a max of 5cm.

Only 3.3V is required to activate the device.

Its auto-sleep mode makes it less power consumption module.

The module has three kinds of communications (UART, SPI, and I2C).

Therefore, it is useable with almost every microcontroller or device in the market. The RFID cards and reader (RC522) can transfer data up to 10Mb/s.


Module Name:MF522-ED

Working current:13 - 26mA / DC 3.3V

Standby current:10 - 13mA / DC 3.3V

Sleep current:<80uA

Peak current:<30mA

Working frequency:13.56MHz

Card reading distance :0~60mm (Mifare1 card)


Data communication speed:10Mbit/s Max.

Card types supported: Mifare1 S50, Mifare1 S70, Mifare UltraLight, Mifare Pro, Mifare Desfire

Dimension:40mm × 60mm

Working temperature:-20—80 degree

Storage temperature:-40—85 degree

Humidity:relevant humidity 5%—95%

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