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Pure sine wave inverter driver board EGS002 EG8010 driver module

Pure sine wave inverter driver board EGS002 EG8010 driver module

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Pure sine wave inverter driver board EGS002 EG8010 IR2110 driver module.

Description: EGS002 Pure Sine Wave 5V DC- AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter SPWM Driver Board EGS002 Inverter Board 

EGS002 Pure Sine Wave 5V DC- AC Inverter SPWM Driver Board EGS002 Display Module Adapters EGS002 Inverter Board Oscillator 17 Pin Leads EGS002 Module EG8010 IR2113 Driving Module For IPS

EG8010 is a digital, features a very comprehensive built-dead-time control of pure sine wave inverter generator chip, used in DC-DC-AC power conversion architecture or two DC-AC single-stage boost converter frequency transformers architecture, external 12MHz crystal oscillator, to achieve high accuracy, and harmonic distortion is very small 50Hz or 60Hz pure sine wave inverter ASIC. The chip uses CMOS technology, the internal integration SPWM sine generator, dead-time control circuit, the amplitude factor multiplier, soft-start circuit, protection circuit, RS232 serial communication interface and 12832 serial LCD driver module and other functions.


5V single power supply;

Pin 4 kinds of pure sine wave Output frequency: 50Hz pure sine wave of fixed frequency of fixed frequency 0-100Hz 60Hz pure sine wave pure sine wave frequency adjustable 0-400Hz pure sine wave frequency is adjustable;

Unipolar and bipolar modulation mode;

Comes with dead-time control pin 4 kinds of dead time: 300nS 500nS dead time dead time 1.0uS 1.5uS dead time dead time;

External 12MHz crystal oscillator;

PWM carrier frequency 23.4KHz;

Voltage, current, temperature feedback real-time processing;

Overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overheating protection function;

Pin set soft-start mode 1S response time;

Serial communication to set the output voltage, frequency and other parameters;

External Serial 128 * 32 LCD display module inverter voltage, frequency, temperature, and current information;

Modify the function or parameters according to customer applications Yi Jing Microelectronics company;



Single-phase pure sine wave inverter;

PV inverter;

Wind power inverter;

UPS uninterruptible power supply system;

Digital generator system;

Frequency power supply;

Single-phase motor speed controller;

Single-phase inverter;

Sine wave dimmers;

Sine wave voltage regulator;

Sine wave generator;

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