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PSoC mini programmer

PSoC mini programmer

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CY3217 is a basic Miniprog1 kit, the kit will provide programming tools for users, can be used for programming on all PSoC1 devices in addition to outside of the CY25/26xxx device.

The use of brief introduction: The use of USB interface, power supply to the target board To support the programming of Reset and Power-on mode.

Support for CY8C21x23; CY8C21x23A; CY8C21x34; CY8C24x33; CY8C24x94; CY8C27x43; CY8C29x66 without changing hardware and software conditions to support the number of chips can be increased.

The programming interface is defined as the official standard edition are as follows: The 1 foot VDD2 GND3 foot XRES4 SCLK5 foot SDATA.

Download device is inserted into the USB port, driving after a successful installation of READY scintillation, and the host computer programming software communication to normal after COM scintillator.

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