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Potentiometer 5k

Potentiometer 5k

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5K(502) variable resistor

This is another type of potentiometer that comes in small package. It has three leads and can be easily mounted on breadboard or perf board for quick prototyping. The value of the pot can changed by varying the knob on top of it. This adjustable potentiometer can open up many interesting user interfaces. Just turn the dial and the resistance changes. This potentiometer has a ¼" metal knurled shaft diameter, PC pin terminals, no detents.

Connect VCC to an outer pin, GND to the other, and the center pin will have a voltage that varies from 0 to VCC depending on the rotation of the pot. Hook the center pin to an ADC on a microcontroller and get a variable input from the user!

Technical Specification

  • Product Type Trimmer
  • Resistance ( k Ohms) 5
  • Tolerance (%) 10
  • Power Rating 0.5 W
  • Number of Turns 20
  • Actuator Orientation Top
  • Actuator Type Top Slot
  • Operating Temperature-Min (Cel) -55
  • Operating Temperature-Max (Cel) 125
  • Mounting Through Hole
  • Termination Style Pins
  • Shaft Diameter (mm) 2.29
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