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The PIC16F676 microcontroller belongs to the 12C series of Microchip microcontrollers. These controllers are compact low cost 8-pin controller with internal oscillator (4MHz) that can be used in compact and portable applications. The control has an operating voltage between 2.5V to 5.5V and supports one internal 8-bit timer. It also supports on-board programming (ICSP) and comes with safety features like Brown-out Detection, Watchdog Timer (WDT) etc making it reliable and suitable for industrial applications also.

It is well suited for low speed, low cost designs to perform basic arithmetic or logic functions. It is also suited for battery applications since it supports power saving sleep mode and wake-up from sleep functions. However as on date the controller is discontinued by Microchip and has been replaced by the advanced PIC12F508 from the 12F series controllers.

Technical Specification

  • CPU: 8-bit PIC
  • Number of Pins: 8
  • Operating Voltage (V):2.5 to 5.5 V
  • Number of I/O pins: 6
  • ADC Module: Nil
  • Timer Module: 8-bit(1)
  • Comparators: Nil
  • DAC Module: Nil
  • Communication Peripherals: Nil
  • External Oscillator: Up to 4Mhz
  • Internal Oscillator: Nil
  • Program Memory Type: OTP
  • Program Memory (KB): 0.75 KB
  • CPU Speed (MIPS): 1 MIPS
  • RAM Bytes: 25
  • Data EEPROM: Nil
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