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PIC Universal Programmer adapter

PIC Universal Programmer adapter

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PIC Universal Programmer adapter

PIC universal programming adapter board to suit the PICKit™ 2 or 3, and other PIC compatible programmers using a 6 pin header connector.

The adapter can be configured for 18, 28 and 40 pin DIP package PIC controllers including most 12Fxx, 16Fxx, and 18Fxx types. The adapter will not work with 10Fxx, 16F59 and 16F57 types.

Technical Specification

  • Support PIC DIP8 / 14/18/20/28/40 series packaged chip programming.
  • By jumper to adapt PICDIP8 /14/18/20/28/40 series packaged chip.
  • Support 5V and 3.3V chips.
  • Support the external power supply.
  • Size 84mm * 39mm.
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