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openwrt development kit

openwrt development kit

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Atheros AR9331 based Wi-Fi System-On-Chip (WiSOC) kit, typically usedin Access Points and router platforms

Model:     M-mini Elink
System:      Default openwrt
CPU:       AR9331 400MHZ MIPS 24K core
RAM:      512Mbit (64MByte) DDR2 400MHZ
F Lash:    32Mbit(4MByte) / 64Mbit (8MByte default ) / 128Mbit (16MByte) Optional
Wireless speed:   150Mbps
General GPIO :   8 (not including TX, RX )
SPI:      1 a (multiplexed)
I2S:      1 a (multiplexed)
JTAG:      1 a(multiplexed)
USB:       U SB 2.0 master interface,support usb hub expansion
Debugging:      Serial DebugInterface (TTL)
Power Supply:       3.3V supplyvoltage.
Power Consumption:       0.36W
Cablenetwork:   a one 100M network interface
Antenna:      ipx pad can be soldered directly to the antenna or IPX seat.
Product Dimensions:   21.8 * 36.2mm
Firmware:     fully compatible WR703 openwrt, reset switch / LED systems arecompatible with the 703.
Standard configuration of Flash: 8MByte ( 64Mbit ) / RAM: 64MByte ( 512Mbit ) DDR2



Wireless network hard drive
Mobile power + AP
Mobile 3G + AP
Detect wireless environment
Remote video surveillance
Wireless video surveillance
Remotecontrol switch
Wireless remote control switch
Internet Radio

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