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Node mcu ESP8266 v. 0.9

Node mcu ESP8266 v. 0.9

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NodeMCU V1 also known as NodeMCU v0.9 is the 1st revision of NodeMCU series. Based on Lua script programming, this WiFi Internet of Things (IOT) module is also compatible with Arduino IDE. This module utilizes ESP8266 ESP-12 chip which is a 32 bit microcontroller unit (MCU). NodeMCU was created shortly after the release of ESP8266 chip by Espressif. NodeMCU was started on 13 October 2014 when Hong uploaded the first file of NodeMCU firmware to GitHub. Later on many makers contributed to this NodeMCU community. The most important update is when Devsaurus ported to NodeMCU project on Jan 2015. This contribution enable NodeMCU to easily communicate with LCD, screen, OLED and VGA.

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