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Neo-7M GPS module

Neo-7M GPS module

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Description :


1. Get the 51 Arduino STM32 microcontroller routine.

2. With a USB interface, you can watch the computer positioning effect directly computer positioning effect directly on the phone line. 3. Better use the individual effects of the passive ceramic antenna and passive antenna amplifier.

4. The SMA interface can be directly connected to an active SMA antenna.

5. It is TTL level and compatible with 3.3V/5V systems. (It is 39 x 25.5 mm.)

6. The frequency is 1575.42 MHz.

7. Features: Low electrode consumption. The system clock frequency is controlled by software to balance system performance and power consumption, and it has also been widely used Working voltage 3.3v-5.0v Current: 40mA Default baud rate: 9600 (can be modified via U- CENTER) Output frequency: 1Hz (can be modified by U- CENTER).


Module features:

1, with USB Micro interface, the use of ordinary mobile phone data line can debug GPS module, no longer need to use USB-TTL and other tools.

2, set aside a TTL interface, you can easily use the USB-TTL or external MCU control to receive GPS information.

3, module board loaded ceramic antenna, the open place without GPS external antenna can be put on the search satellite.

4, set aside SMA antenna interface, can use the external antenna, the ability to search more satellite


Pin definition:

1, VCC: power supply (3.3V-5V)

2, GND: ground wire

3, TXD: module serial port to send pin (TTL level, can not be directly connected to the RS232 level, can be connected to the microcontroller RXD)

4, RXD: module serial port receive pin (TTL level, can not be directly connected to the RS232 level, can be connected to the microcontroller TXD)

5, PPS: clock pulse output pin. GPS second pulse signal PPS one second, it is used to indicate the role of the whole second moment, and the time is usually marked with the rising edge of PPS seconds pulse.

Because GPS can give UTC time, but received the user is there will be a delay, then in order to get the precise timing, the introduc PPS signal rising edge to indicate the UTC seconds in time, the accuracy can be to a nanosecond, and no accumulated error.

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