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N20 smart RC car chassis kit

N20 smart RC car chassis kit

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7575 N20 smart car (with system), double-layer structure. Equipped with 2 infrared obstacle avoidance sensors,

Various interesting obstacle avoidance experiments and maze walking experiments can be done.

Package include a full set of modules such as machinery, sensor modules, 51 single-chip microcomputers, and program downloads.

Simple assembly (with installation instructions), install the battery, the car can achieve obstacle avoidance function, it is a maker. It is a nice crafting kit for training!

[Chip system]: STC15W204S microcontroller system (with program)

[Download method]: USB-TTL download module

[Square board parameters]: 5mm thickness/ABS/ yellow

[Motor parameters]: When 6V, no-load current is 50ma, and the speed is about 100 rpm.

[Drive motor]: 2, each wheel is equipped with 1 N20 gear motor.

[Wiring method]: (The manual has wiring instructions)

Battery box "+"---Button switch "+"

Battery box "-"---voltage regulator module IN

Button switch "-"--- Voltage regulator module IN

Voltage regulator module OUT"+"--- MCU STC15"+"

Voltage regulator module OUT"-" --- MCU STC15"-"

Drive module:

A-1A ---P12 --- Revolver Engine - High Level

A-1B ---P13 --- Revolver Engine - Low Level

B-1A ---P14 --- Right Wheel Motor - High Level

B-1B --- P15 --- Right Wheel Engine - Low Level

GND---MCU STC15"-"

VCC---MCU STC15"+"

Left sensor OUT ---P11

Right sensor OUT ---P10

(Part of the STC15 connection is not divided into front and rear positions, the connection can be positive and negative)


N20 geared motor: 2pcs

N20 Wheel : 2pcs

USB - Serial converter: 1pc

Driver module: 1pc

N20 Motor bracket : 2pcs

Infrared sensor :2pcs

Plastic chassis: 2pcs

STC15 board: 1

Voltage stabilizing module: 1pc

Battery holder: 1pc

Jumper wire female:

Caster wheel : 1pc

Copper wire: 4pcs

Switch :1pc

Short spacer : 1pc

Long spacer : 2pcs


Instructions manual : 1pc

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