N20 geared motor

N20 geared motor

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N20 plastic geared motor

This is a small volume,big torsion, all plastic gear DC Motor. It is durable and it is a great replacement for any rusty or damaged DC geared speed motor. It is lightweight, has high torque and low RPM with excellent stall characteristics, can climb hills easily. It is widely used on Boat, Car, Electric Bicycle, Fan,Home Appliance.

Technical Specification

  • Continuous Current(A): 80-200MA, according to the speed
  • Commutation: Brush
  • Model Number: N20 Motor
  • Construction: Permanent Magnet
  • Efficiency: IE 1
  • Type: Plastic Gear Motor
  • Torque: 0.07-2kg.cm,different speed has different torque
  • Protect Feature: Totally Enclosed
  • Output Power: Standard
  • Speed(RPM): 15-4000rpm, choose one speed.
  • Voltage(V): 3v 6v 12v
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