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DF Mini MP3 player

DF Mini MP3 player

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Technical Specifications:

1 supports sampling rates (KHz): 8 / 11.025 / 12/16 / 22.05 / 24/32 / 44.1 / 48
224-bit DAC output support dynamic range: 90dB SNR support: 85dB
3 fully supports FAT16 FAT32 file system maximum support 32G TF card support U disk to 32G 64M bytes NORFLASH
4 a variety of control modes are available. IO control serial port AD button control mode
5 radio spots language function you can pause the background music being played. Advertising finished playing background sound continues to play back
6 the audio data is sorted by folder supports up to 100 folders folders can be assigned to every 255 Tracks
730 level adjustable volume six adjustable EQ


1 car navigation voice broadcast
2 road transport inspectors toll stations voice prompts
3 train bus safety inspection voice prompts
4 electricity communications financial operating room voice prompts
5 vehicles into and out of the channel to verify the voice prompts
6. ** frontier channel voice prompts
7 multi-channel voice alarm or voice guidance equipment operation
8 electric sightseeing bus safety with voice announcement
9 electrical and mechanical equipment failure alarm
10 fire alarm voice prompts
11 automatic broadcast equipment regular broadcast
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