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Metallic solenoid valve 220VAC

Metallic solenoid valve 220VAC

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Metallic solenoid valve(220VAC)

A solenoid valve, otherwise known as an electrically-operated valve is an automatic valve which serves the purpose of removing the need for an engineer to operate a valve manually. Solenoids operate using an electromagnetic solenoid coil to change the state of a valve from open to closed, or vice-versa. If the solenoid valve is 'normally closed', when the coil is energized, the valve gets lifted open by the electromagnetic force produced by the coil.

Technical Specification

  • Operating Voltage 220AC

  • Outlet Pipe size 1/4 inches

  • Orifice - 4mm


Pipe Size: 1/4" (BSP thread or NPT thread)

Flow bore: 2.5mm


Working Medium: Air, Water, Oil, Gas

Operating Type: direct acting

Type: Normally closed (open when energized, close when denergized)

Operating Viscosity: Under 20CST

Operating Pressure: 0-10kg/cm2

Working Temperature: -5~80 degree

Voltage: 220VAC

Valve Body: Brass

Seal Material: NBR

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