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LORA Module AS62-T30 with 21cm Antenna

LORA Module AS62-T30 with 21cm Antenna

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SX1278/SX1276 wireless module|433MHZ wireless serial port|LORA spread spectrum 10000m UART interface.


It adopts LoRa spread spectrum technology, with this technology the transmitting distance and penetration ability of the module improved more than 1 times compared with traditional FSK. The module features FEC (forward error correction) algorithm, which ensure it's good anti-interference ability. Specifications:



Model E32-433T30DT Type CDMA Working Frequency: 433 MHz RF Connector SMA-K Input Supply Voltage (VDC) 2.3-5.5V Transmitting power 10~20 dBm Receiving sensitivity -146 dBm Air data rate 0.3k~19.2kbps Buffer 512 bytes buffer Distance 3000m RF IC SX1278

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