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5mm LED Yellow

5mm LED Yellow

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LED(Yellow )

============== LEDs (that's "ell-ee-dees") are a particular type of diode that convert electrical energy into light. In fact, LED stands for "Light Emitting Diode."

LEDs - those blinky things. A must have for power indication, pin status, opto-electronic sensors, and fun blinky displays.

LEDs require a lot less power to light up by comparison. They're also more energy efficient, so they don't tend to get hot like conventional light bulbs do (unless you're really pumping power into them). This makes them ideal for mobile devices and other low-power applications This is a very basic 5mm LED with a white lens. It has a typical forward voltage of 3.4V and a rated forward current of 30mA.

Technical Specification

  • color: Yellow
  • 3.4VDC forward drop
  • Max current: 30mA
  • Standard Ø 5 mm T-1¾ package
  • Small mechanical tolerances
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Very high intensity
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