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K02 Integration Ultrasonic Module AJ-SR04M

K02 Integration Ultrasonic Module AJ-SR04M

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Description: Type:Type: Integrated ultrasonic ranging module.

Part number: AJ-SR04M

This module has stable performance and accurate measurement distance.Module high precision, blind area (25cm) Small size, easy to use; High measurement accuracy; Strong anti-interference; Low voltage, low power consumption; The integrated closed waterproof wire probe is suitable for wet and harsh measuring occasions.

Product should be used: 1, horizontal ranging;

  1. Obstacle avoidance and automatic control;

  2. Object approach and presence detection

  3. Traffic control;

  4. Security and industrial control;

  5. Artificial intelligence, teaching and research

Basic working principle:

(1) IO port TRIG is used to trigger the ranging, giving at least 10us high level signal;

(2) the module automatically sends 8 square waves of 40khz, and automatically detects whether there is signal return;

(3) when there is signal return, a high level is output by ECHO of IO port.

The duration of high level is the time from emission to return of ultrasonic wave.Test distance =(high level time * sound velocity (340M/S))/2;

This module USES method is simple, the mouth sends a high level of more than 10us, you can receive the mouth for high level output. To be able to open the timer timing, an output when the mouth into a low electricity at ordinary times the value of the timer can be read, this is for the distance of time, can calculate the distance. So constantly cycle test, which can reach your mobile measuring values.

Features : Working voltage: DC 5 v

Static working current: 5 mA

Total working current: 30 mA

Acoustic emission frequency: 40 KHZ

Max. range: 5m

Blind area: 25 cm GND (power supply negative)

The resolution: About 0.5 cm

The Angle: Less than 50 degrees

Connection mode: +5V (power positive pole) Trig (control side) RX Echo (receiver) TX

Working temperature: -10-70℃ Storage temperature: -20-80 ℃ Lead length: 2.5 M Size: 41*28mm

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