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intel edison + arduino breakout kit

intel edison + arduino breakout kit

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This is a module with a high speed processor and WiFi and Bluetooth Radios on board. It’s low power and small footprint make it ideal for projects that need a lot of processing power, but don’t have the ability to be near a larger power source or have a large footprint. This kit also includes a Arduino Breakout, which essentially gives your Edison the ability to interface with Arduino shields or any board with the Arduino footprint. Digital pins 0 to 13 (and the adjacent AREF and GND pins), analog inputs 0 to 5, the power header, ICSP header, and the UART port pins (0 and 1) are all in the same locations as on the Arduino Uno R3 (Arduino 1.0 pinout). Additionally, the Intel® Edison Arduino Breakout includes a micro SD card connector, a micro USB device port connected to UART2, and a combination micro USB device connector and dedicated standard size USB 2.0 host Type-A connector (selectable via a mechanical microswitch). Though this kit won’t turn your Edison into an Arduino itself, you will, however, gain access to to the Arduino’s shield library and resources.



Intel® Atom™ system-on-a-chip (SoC) based on leading-edge 22 nm Silvermont microarchitecture including a dual-core CPU and single core microcontroller (MCU) Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, memory, and storage Support for more than 30 industry-standard I/O interfaces via a 70-pin connector Support for Yocto Linux, Arduino, Python, Node.js, and Wolfram Open source community software tools enabling ease of adoption and inspiring third-party app developers to build apps for consumers. EDI1.SPON.AL.S (System-On-Modules - SOM Edison Module IoT Internal Antenna)

Arduino Breakout:

Compatible with Arduino Uno (except only 4 PWM instead of 6 PWM). 20 digital input/output pins including 4 pins as PWM outputs 6 analog inputs 1 UART (RX/TX) 1 I2C 1 ICSP 6-pin header (SPI) Micro USB device connector OR (via mechanical switch) dedicated standard size USB host Type-A connector Micro USB device (connected to UART) SD Card connector

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