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Flow rate meter YF-S402B

Flow rate meter YF-S402B

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Plastic Turbine Hall water flow sensor meter for coffee, water and other liquid.

Product item no. : YF-S402B

Material : Plastic white

Specification :

Thread size : QUICK link G1/4; for ID6.3MM pipe

Connect PE pipe: 6mm

Color :white

Flow rate : 0.3~6 L/min (Flow pressure Must start up turn the turbine running)

Flow Pulse: F(Hz)=(38xQ) L/min +/- 3 %

Max. Working Current : 15mA (DC5 V)

Min. Working Voltage: DC 4.5V

Working Voltage:DC 5V~15V

Load Capacity: =10 mA (DC 5 V)

Pressure :0.8mPa

Operating Working Temperature :

0 Degree centigrade to +60 Degree centigrade

Accuracy :+- 3%

wire connection : RED : + ; Black : - ; Yellow : NPN signal Pulse output.

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