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Flame sensor module

Flame sensor module

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Flame Sensor

This module is sensitive to the flame and radiation. It also can detect ordinary light source in the range of of a wavelength 760nm-1100 nm. The detection distance is up to 100 cm.The Flame sensor can output digital or analog signal. When fire burns it emits a small amount of Infra-red light, this light will be received by the Photodiode (IR receiver) on the sensor module. Then we use an Op-Amp to check for change in voltage across the IR Receiver, so that if a fire is detected the output pin (DO) will give 5V(HIGH) and if there is no fire the output pin will be 0V(LOW). It can be used as a flame alarm or in fire fighting robots.

Technical Specification

  • LM393 comparator chip
  • Detection Range: 760 nm to 1100 nm
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3 V to 5 V
  • Maximum Output Current: 15 mA
  • Digital Outputs: 0 and 1
  • Detection Angle: about 60 degrees
  • Adjustable sensitivity via potentiometer
  • LED lights indicators: power (red) and digital switching output (green)
  • Fixed bolt holes for easy installation
  • PCB Size: 32 x 14 mm
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