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ESP8266 WiFi Shield for Arduino

ESP8266 WiFi Shield for Arduino

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The ESP8266 Serial WiFi Expansion Board Module is nothing but the ESP8266 ESP-12E UART Wireless WIFI Shield TTL Converter (Shield WiFi ESP8266) makes it easy to connect the Arduino to WiFi networks through the ESP8266. When using it, it is no longer necessary to mount a circuit with several components and wires to interconnect an ESP8266 to the Arduino, simply attach the board to the Arduino, position the DIP switch path according to the shield operating mode and program the Arduino to connect to WiFi networks. In addition, the board can be used without the Arduino, as it has all the pin-outs of the ESP-12E available.


  1. The processor can operate at 80MHz / 160MHz
  2. 64kB for instructions
  3. 96kB for data
  4. Standard native WiFi 802.11b / g / n
  5. Operates in AP, Station or AP + Station mode
  6. It has 11 digital pins
  7. It has 1 analogue pin with 10-bit resolution
  8. Digital pins except the D0 have interrupts, PWM,
  9. I2C and one wire
  10. Programmable through USB or WiFi (OTA)
  11. Compatible with Arduino IDE
  12. Compatible with modules and sensors used in Arduino. 
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