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CNC Shield V.4

CNC Shield V.4

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This popular CNC shield can be used to make your own CNC. The shield can be used in combination with A4988 stepper driver modules.
This shield can control 3 step motors. This CNC shield is especially for the Arduino Nano. 


GRBL 0.8c compatible
Can control 3 axles by means of smart control and 4 stepper driver modules
Two connections for two end stops
Jumpers to set micro-stepping on certain stepper driver modules
Voltage range via DC Jack: 7.5-12V DC (if Mot_VOT_Sel jumper connected!)
Voltage via Mot_Vcc and Mot_GND: max 24V DC (if Mot_VOT_Sel jumper is NOT connected!)
Supplied without stepper drivers (you have to purchase these separately)
Arduino Nano compatible
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