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Arduino RFID Starter Kit

Arduino RFID Starter Kit

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The aim of this kit is to bring Arduino together with RFID technology, which will support individual production. With this kit you will be able to use RFID with the code you wrote in Arduino. You will be able to come up with a practical technology such as Arduino, a technology that many people like RFID are trying to get into and stay away from using. All of the components and components required for RFID technology are combined in this kit.

Kit Contents:

1 x USB cable

1 x Arduino uno r3 board

1 x Arduino proto shield

1 x 32 Dupont cables (male to male)

1 x 830 hole breadboard

15 x LEDs (red, green, yellow)

30x Resistors (220R,10K,1K)

1 x 10pcs jumper cable (female to female)

2 x Potentiometer

1 x Active Buzzer

1 x Passive Buzzer

1 x 74HC595N shift register

1 x Infrared receiver

1 x LM35DZ

1 x Flame sensor

3 x 5mm LDR

5x Button switch

10 x Big tact switch

2 x 1 digital 7 segment display

1 x 4 digital 7 segment display

1 x 8*8 dot matrix Display

1x Max7219

1 x UNL2003 driver board with 28BYJ stepper motor

1 x SG90 servo motor

1 x LCD1602

2 x 40pin male header

1 x PS2 joystick module

1 x 5v DC motor

1 x Water level measuring module

1 x RC522 RFID module

1 x RFID keytag

1 x RFID card

1 x Single relay module

1 x 16 button matrix keypad module

1 x 3 colour smd LED module

1 x 1.5v AA x6 battery holder

1 x Ultrasonic sensor module

5 x Jumpers

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