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2A 18650 lithium battery Charge controller

2A 18650 lithium battery Charge controller

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Before use, before debugging, the default output is about 9V.

Input voltage 4.5-8V
The output voltage can be continuously adjusted 4.3-27V
(4.3V or more, 27V or less, any voltage can be output, you can adjust the voltage counterclockwise)
Charging voltage 4.2V Charging current is 1A
Discharge current 2A output current to calculate
Output reference maximum current 5V 1.4A , 9V 0.8A, 12V 0.6A
Static current is about 0.5 mA
Overshoot protection Overdischarge protection None (it can be said that there is 2V cut-off boost, but there is still 2V without blocking the output)
Cut-off boost 2V, depending on the situation, whether to add a protection board

For example, VIN+ termination 5V solar panel BAT+ terminal can output 4.2V to 3.7V 18650 battery charging OUT+ terminal can output an adjustable voltage How much you need to adjust
Can be used for multimeters, modified lithium battery charging
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