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1k 1w Resistor

1k 1w Resistor

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1k Resistor

These are your run-of-the-mill 1watt Watt, +/- 5% tolerance PTH resistors. Commonly used in breadboards and other prototyping applications, these 1K ohm resistors make excellent pull-ups, pull-downs and current limiters. These thick-lead versions of the resistors fit snugly into a breadboard with very little movement, so you should have few to no issues using them in your next project!

Technical Specification

  • Resistance (ohm) 1000
  • Power (Watts) 1.00
  • Tolerance (%) 5
  • Package Axial Leaded
  • Product Type Resistor
  • Size Standard
  • Packing Method Cut Tape
  • Mounting Feature Through Hole
  • Resistor Type Carbon Film
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