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10K Precision Potentiometer

10K Precision Potentiometer

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Precison Potentiometer(10kohms)

This is a high-quality, 10K Ohm, 1/4W carbon film potentiometer designed for long-life. Very smooth, precise rotation, designed for 500,000 cycles. These precision potentiometers are used as set point and position sensors, which mean they differentiate themselves from low-cost potentiometers because they have much greater electrical and mechanical tolerances and furthermore have a significantly longer lifespan and reliability. In principle, all ‘potis’ have a so-called resistance element with a sliding contact. This wiper then picks up a voltage potential on a resistance path. An absolute analogue signal is immediately available without starting or processing time delays. Potentiometers with a higher total resistance are advantageous for applications that have low power requirements.

Technical Specification

  • Resistance: 10K
  • Bushing mount
  • Optional AR pin feature
  • Plastic or metal shaft and bushings
  • Wirewound
  • Solder lugs or PC pins
  • Sealable (Full body seal)
  • Designed for use in HMI applications
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