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1.44 inch RGB TFT display

1.44 inch RGB TFT display

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Size:1.44 inch TFT LCD Driver ic: T7735 controller SPI Serial port display module 128*128 8pin 65K color


Display Size: 1.44 inch

Material: TFT LCD

Resolution: 128 x128 display

Control chip: ST7735

Display area: 25.5x26.5mm

Physical size: 30.0x46.5mm

Interface type: SPI interface

Number of pins: 8-Pin

Working voltage: 2.8-3.3V, we have tested with Maker UNO which is 5V and it works well.

Working temperature: -20°C~70°C

Interface Pins: 1: GND Power ground 2: VCC Power input 3: SCL SPI clock input 4: SDA SPI data input 5: RES Reset 6: DC Data/command selection foot 7: CS Chip select signal, low level active 8: BLK Backlight control, the default can be left floating, low level to turn off the backlight.

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